• Maintain their corporate records
• Consolidate corporate documents
• Reduce the risk of late penalties
• Stay in good standing everywhere they do business
• Timely file required paperwork
• Streamline operations.

Corporate Shield

Take the guess work and risk out of managing your corporate records with the Corporate Shield™ system

The first line of defense between your business’s creditors and you is The Corporate Shield™. You formed a corporation or limited liability company to protect your assets from the business’s creditors’ claims. Incorporation isn’t a fix it and forget it solution. Annual meetings are necessary, but have you documented them each year? Have you issued the stock certificates? For most busy business owners, the answer to these questions is “no”. Paperwork is low priority in day-to-day operations. But, not maintaining your corporate formalities is one of the easiest, and unintentional ways to lose the protection of incorporating. Take the guess work and risk out of managing your corporate records with The Corporate Shield™.

The Corporate Shield™ Advantage

Initial review of your corporate status

Your coach and you will go through a quick questionnaire to see where you stand with your corporate compliance in each state you do business. Your coach will also contact each state in which you do business to determine whether your company is in good standing and what needs to be done to bring your business into compliance, if it’s not.

Reconstruction of missing records

Most business owners forget to update their corporate records in the hustle and bustle of everyday business. Some businesses are missing vital documents like their bylaws or organizational minutes. Whether your company is a year or thirty-years old, we’ll get your company’s or LLC’s records up-to-date.

Unlimited custom access to compliance documents

All corporate compliance documents, including minutes, resolutions, and amendments, will be produced based on the information you provide. All documents are tailored to your business.

Assistance with your state filings

Your Coach will advise you of upcoming state filing requirements and deadlines to help you keep the company in good standing and avoid late payment penalties.

Access to your corporate Coach

In addition to your monthly check-in call, your coach is available by phone or email for quick answers to your Corporate Shield, and documentation questions.

Professional Registered or Resident Agent Services

All corporations and LLCs must maintain a “resident agent” or “registered agent” in every state in which they do business. Important corporate documents such as annual reports, and legal papers are sent to your registered agent. Failure to have a registered agent can end your corporate existence or prevent you from getting important papers in a timely manner. We will ensure your business has a registered agent and coordinate the receipt of these vital documents from the agent.

12-month calendar of recommended documents

Your Corporate Coach will create a customized calendar based on your initial questionnaire to remind you about filing and other deadlines for your business. As your business grows, your Coach will ensure new deadlines are incorporated into this calendar.

Protection of your corporate records

Unfortunately, disaster recovery must be a part of any business’s plans. While you are a member of The Corporate Shield™, we will maintain copies of your records for future use and easy access.

Subscription to the “Navigating Business Landmines” newsletter

This e-newsletter features updates on corporate compliance issues, changes to Federal law which may impact your business, business tips and strategies and resources for your growing business.

Access to Business Webinars and Video tips

During your membership, you will have access to our library of business webinars and video tips covering a variety of topics including negotiation, employee management, contract issues, overtime compliance, human resources issues, litigation avoidance tips, and corporate law.


One of our Corporate Coaches will contact you within a business day of your becoming a member of The Corporate Shield™. Your Coach will be your main point of contact throughout your program.

Through consultation with you, we audit your existing records to determine the status of your records and documents your missing. We’ll bring those records current.Then your Coach will contact you every month ensure the corporation’s actions are being properly documented. The Corporate Shield™ will maintain a digital record book of your corporate documentation, which you can assess when needed.

Hard copies of completed documents will be sent to you so they can be signed and placed in your corporate record book. Your records are always available on-line in your own digital record book. This digital record book also serves as your off-site disaster recovery vehicle for your business’s corporate compliance documents.