Bonnie-Day Nagy

Excellent, vital information for every business owner.

Teresa Yasitus

Nancy is extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the law and her clients.

Jami Wheeler

Super engaging and informative!

Ashley Harris

This was amazing. Nancy is a great speaker. She makes legal stuff easy to understand and breaks it down very well.

Kathleen E.

Thank you for enlightening me about the legal issues that can affect my business and what I need to do to avoid landmines.

Keri Shull

Nancy was amazing at the Virginia Women’s Business Conference!! Thanks for being an inspiration to myself and my team!

Alicia White

With an engaging and bright personality, Nancy is extremely knowledgeable and provided me with great insight on how I want my business to operate. Thank you Nancy!

Lena Smith

Great lesson: Be confident in your competence!

Amber McDougal

I enjoyed Nancy’s delivery. It took the intimidation out for hearing pertinent information from a legal professional.

Evelyn Heung

Very interesting, understandable, and applicable.

Leah Day-Anderson

Lot’s of really great info! Very dynamic and relatable examples to your points of information!

Mary Kraemer, RN

Fabulous information: Start preventing right from the beginning, not when there’s a problem.

Tamara R.

I’d been afraid to talk to an attorney because they talked down to me until I heard Nancy speak. She listened & helped me understand the legal issues facing my business.

Melinda Cahill

What you said empowered the whole room. You made law and legal issues approachable and less fearful.